Sapiens: Our Human Evolution


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Where did humans come from? What is our story? Join Annabelle & Aiden as their friend Lucy retraces our first steps in Africa. We fan across the globe, encountering the strangest human (and nonhuman) creatures: from twenty-foot sloths to tiny dwarves in faraway lands. Watch us learn to cook. Express ourselves. Farm, build empires, and fall in love. Marvel as we dream of kings, gods, and monsters, build pyramids and monuments to the sky, and finally light up our world with a scientific revolution. Celebrate human diversity, pluralism, and unity with our gorgeously-illustrated book. Readers will discover how our shared story can overcome our perceived differences. How it’s etched deep into genes: reminding us that we’re all children of Lucy, we all came from Africa, and have far more in common than we think.

“A beautiful, whimsical, and deeply important book for kids of all ages!” 
– Cara Santa Maria, host of Talk Nerdy Podcast, co-author of The Skeptic’s Guide To The Universe

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Paperback, Hardcover