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PREORDER: This World Was Made For Me! (hardcover - signed by author) – Annabelle & Aiden

PREORDER: This World Was Made For Me! (hardcover – signed by author)


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A playful, cautionary tale on respecting our planet, and our place within it.” -Cara Santa Maria

This playful, thought-provoking tale explores life’s evolution through the five mass extinctions. Readers will swim with the Earth’s first microbes, burrow underground just in time to escape the dinosaur’s fiery fate, and repeatedly laugh as each sole survivor foolishly boasts how “This world was made for me!” More importantly, readers will gain a deep appreciation for our small, yet special place on the fragile blue planet we call home.

This is a pre-order for our upcoming title. Order now – & this book will be sent to you as soon as its printed – in early 2020. You will receive a special hardcover with a spot varnish cover (limited edition) personally signed by the author himself.