9 Book Multipack (Best Value!)


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The entire set!! This book bundle contains a copy of each of our NINE children’s titles:

The Story Of Life
(Darwinian evolution)

Oh, The Things We Believed!
(A whimsical look at mythology, science & critical thinking)

Worlds Within Us
(On the big bang, and how we’re all made of stardust)

What Happens When We Die?
(A positive, life-affirming celebration of the only life we know we have)

Sapiens: Our Human Evolution
(The story of us all: our journey from Africa as various human species, to today)

This World Was Made For Me!
(A cautionary, whimsical tale of mass extinctions, evolution, and environmentalism)

OH MY GODS! A History of Belief
(A historical journey through world religions, and what they say about us)

“There’s A Dragon in my Garage!”
(A fun critical thinking tale inspired by Carl Sagan’s dragon analogy.)

“How We Found the Earth is Round”
(How one man measured the Earth’s shape and size with nothing but a stick & sheer determination.)


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