Worlds Within Us

Worlds Within Us

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Editorial Reviews

“The Annabelle & Aiden books are not only stunning (shoutout to the illustrator!) but they also cover complex topics – such as the Big Bang and life forms on the planet – with such elegance, joy and wonder. This is the way to get boys and girls interested in science and the wondrous world we all inhabit. What a stunning and refreshing set of books for children and adults alike. So many “children’s books” talk down to kids; Becker has found the exact words and tone to reach into a child’s heart and brain and to bring out such bliss and beauty. It’s such a wonderful addition to our family library.”
– Mayim Bialik, PhD, author, neuroscientist, star of The Big Bang Theory

“Reveals the most poetic thing we know about our world, in a way children can cherish.”
– Lawrence Krauss, theoretical physicist, author of A Universe From Nothing

“A beautiful journey, from the majesty of the universe around us to the power we all hold within us.”
-Dr. Amanda Weltman, PhD. theoretical physicist, University of Cape Town

“Inspiring! A must-read for any aspiring scientist.”
-Natalie Newell, Director of “Science Moms” Documentary and host of “Science Enthusiast” podcast

“Empowering! This is the word that comes to mind when considering this lyrical, inspiring adventure, making kids feel bigger than ever! Sure, this book explores the scientific story of our universe (in such deliciously magical prose you don’t even realize it’s happening), but the real treasure here is how children come away feeling special and empowered, knowing that they are literally made of stardust. And feeling the ‘worlds within us.’

“If you are raising critical thinkers, these books are a must have addition to your library! The books are written in a way that easily allows for pauses and discussion as you go. My 3 & 6 year old were super engaged and particularly enjoyed reading the facts that were subtly incorporated into the artwork throughout. The marriage of imagination into a science series is done in such a graceful way making these books age appropriate for even younger children. They are a must read, captivating for all ages (even parents,) and are sure to be one of the more tattered books on your shelf in no time!”
-Skeptical Mama

“A beautifully fun read that will both inspire and awe.”
-Justin Clark, host of Reason Revolution podcast