Oh, The Things We Believed!

Oh, the Things We Believed!

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Editorial Reviews

“Not knowing shouldn’t be scary. It is an invitation to question and learn. This book is such an invitation.”
– Lawrence Krauss, theoretical physicist, author

“The illustrations are amazing and thought provoking, and the writing inspires a joy and determination to discover the truth over convenient stories. Please help support science advocacy for children if you are able! It’s needed now more than ever.”
– Modern Science Mama

“They’re back – this time with a book to help teach kids the much-needed skills of critical thinking! (Just imagine if kids were taught how to think instead of what to think!)” – Horus Gilgamesh, author of the Awkward Moments Children’s Bible series
“A wonderful children’s book!”
-Secular Buddhism

“Hey nerds, check out this brilliant thing!”

We ordered this book for my son’s first birthday and I told my husband I learned more from it than my own high school/college biology classes…yikes! I read this book to my 2 year old every night and he LOVES it.
-Leslie Daniel, childhood educator, supermom